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A serial killer is targeting real estate agents across the country, a pattern that’s only belatedly identified by law enforcement after cops from L.A. and Chicago compare notes, in Blackwell’s suspenseful whodunit introducing Peter Dumas, “a clairvoyant and not a run-of-the-mill clairvoyant.” LAPD homicide detective Mac McHenry, who’s grappling with the slaughter of two realtors, turns to Dumas for help. The killer stabbed the two women from behind before posing their corpses. Meanwhile, McHenry consults an Illinois colleague, David Arnstein, who’s probing a murder with a similar m.o.: the victim, realtor Terry Playmore, was decapitated and her head placed in her lap. Susanna Ryerson, Playmore’s friend and professional colleague, who’s also a friend of Dumas, comes to suspect an attractive potential client may be the so-called real estate ripper, even as a figure described only as “the voyeur” keeps her under close surveillance. Blackwell throws in enough twists to keep readers guessing. 


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Customer Review 5.0 out of 5 stars A Gripping Murder Mystery ByAvid Readeron September 27, 2018

Someone's killing real estate agents in the most grisly of crime sprees. Chicago, LA, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.. The why is as much a mystery as whodunnit. Police call in Peter Dumas, a colorful clairvoyant to help piece together the intriguing puzzle, perfumed by an exotic fragrance and stained red by the blood of a growing list of realtors.
Blackwell's entertaining story grabs readers in the first chapter and never lets go. In addition to Dumas, Blackwell has assembled an array of attractive characters. The author's vivid descriptions make you fall in love with Chicago as well, a city she obviously knows and admires. You'll enjoy the sights and settings of the Windy City at Christmas.
Who knew selling real estate could be so dangerous and captivating.
This is a quick read that will keep you guessing until the very end.e.

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Helen Applegate, Realtor (R) with BHHS Koenig Rubloff

 A fast moving murder mystery with a surprise ending. Loved it—couldn’t put it down.  And what a wake-up call for real estate safety even in condos with doorstaff.  I will never take an unknown buyer to a listing alone!    


Grace Darrow,  Former Realtor;Michigan Murder Mystery Fan. 

A first mystery "who done it" I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Cops with soul. A clairvoyant I'd like to know. And, some Realtors (R) I may have met. Real life meets real fiction. Great read!



Corey Sapstein, Realtor(R) with BHHS Koenig Rubloff.   

 Finally, a real estate murder mystery that exposes real agent dangers without cliche clients or situations. Agent or not, this book will start and keep you wondering. Excellent.  

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Doug Hart, Chicago Attorney

Authentic characters, dead and alive -- and an eye-opening look into the lives of Realtors (R)--habits, ethics, and vulnerabilities. A page-turning, first mystery novel.


Toni Trinchese, California Businesswoman, Real Estate Investor

A unique work of fiction that ties the real danger potential for agents with the damage that obsession and rage unleash. The characters are real—complicated, warm, even humorous at times. Truly a page-turner.  


Sharon Slagle, Kansas City Murder Mystery fan

Coincidence. Karma. Random? Planned? Serious murders of vulnerable women. Real-life characters and a protagonist I adored. It's a fast paced mystery I couldn't put down. Can't wait for No. 2 in the series.